People want chat. With Klets, so do you.

Make a Klets page and have private chats with customers and business contacts. It only takes 1 minute.
Get a Klets page

Set up your profile. Upload a profile picture and background image. Get a custom address, such as

Target your chat address

Post your Klets page's address on your website, Twitter, Linkedin, email signature, or business cards. It's up to you.

Get happy customers

Use Klets to talk with people and get more sales, lower costs, and higher customer satisfaction for your business.

One minute setup

No IT guy needed. It's as simple as signing up for a Twitter or Facebook page.

Works anywhere

Klets is a responsive web application that works on any screen and device.


Klets is built to have meaningful, lasting conversations with people.

Save money & time

More efficient, cheaper, and convenient than phone calls and email.

Don't just take our word for it

See what our awesome launching customers have to say about Klets.


Free for small businesses. Paid for bigger companies with multiple Klets accounts.


  • Unique Klets Address

  • Customized Design

  • 1 Team Member

  • Max 10 Chats Per Week

  • E-mail Fallback



  • Host on Custom Domain

  • Customized Design

  • Unlimited Team Members

  • Unlimited Chats

  • E-mail Fallback

  • Soon: Reports & Analytics

  • Advanced Integrations

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Klets is part of Rockstart Web/Mobile Accelerator class of 2015.

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